Adding an Email to a Blocklist in Exchange Admin Portal

From Mitchell Dahm Wiki

This will be a guide on how to add an email address to our blocklist. This will prevent employees from receiving emails from an email address.

Blocking an Email Address

  • First go to the Exchange Admin Portal and login.
  • Click the "Mail Flow" tab to show a list of options.
  • Click the "Rules" section
  • Click on the rule labeled, "Spam/Phishing attempts to Employees".
  • At the top, Click "Edit Rule Conditions".
  • Under the section, "Apply this rule if *", click the Pencil Icon on the right side.
  • Enter the email address / addresses that you want blocked.
  • Click Save to save the email addresses.
  • Click Save again to save the edits to that rule.
  • Any email coming from those addresses will be blocked and automatically deleted.